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​Cancellation Policy 

A full cancellation charge will apply for missed or appointments cancelled without 12 hours notice.    


How to pay

Card, Cash, Cheque or Bank transfer 


Your Data

The data protection laws changed on 25th May 2018 with the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Jersey Data Protection Law 2018.

To ensure Boost complies with the new legislation, this is to inform you why I collect your personnel data and what I do with it.  You do not need to sign anything.  But, by having a treatment you’re consenting to your personnel data being stored and being contacted by Boost.  If there are any methods you’re not happy with, please email your requested.

Which Personnel Data is stored and why?

The below personnel data is stored only for the purpose of your acupuncture treatment.  Allana at Boost Acupuncture is the only person who has access to your personnel data and all data is stored on a laptop or I-phone, which are password protected.

  1. Name, address, email and mobile number.  To be able to contact you regarding your appointment and any clinic updates or news.

  2. Information regarding your past and present health conditions and any medication you’re talking.  This is stored in order to provide you the best possible treatment.

  3. Treatment notes.  Are stored in order to provide you the best possible treatment.

  4. Treatment Consent form.  This is obtained for legal reasons.


Due to the new GDPR, the main communication method will be via email. The below documents will be email to you and if you could email any changes to your medication or medical conditions.

  • Treatment consent forms

  • Invoices

  • Update on any medical conditions

  • Change of medication

  • Medical notes

The reason for this is to increase the protection of your personnel data.

  • No paper.

  • All documents will be saved on a password protected laptop.

  • Your emails will be deleted once saved to your file.


How long is your Personnel Data stored?

Acupuncturist have a legal obligation to obtain your records for 7 years.

Children under the age of 18, their data is stored until the age of 21.