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  • Menopause comes with many unwanted symptoms, our botanical formula is designed to nurture women through this life stage, supporting hormone balance, healthy mood, immunity and strong bones.


    Magnesium for energy and reduction of fatigue
    Dong Quai is used traditionally for female health
    Ashwagandha for physical and mental resilience
    Alfalfa contains essential vitamins and minerals for good health
    Turmeric powder for joints
    Organic Milk Thistle for plant antioxidant support
    Green Tea for plant antioxidant support

    Botanical Menopause Complex

    SKU: 30000023

    Supports Hormones
    Contains Dong Quai, a traditional botanical used to support female hormones and hormonal fluctuations for centuries.

    Optimises your Energy and Mood
    Contains Magnesium to promote a healthy mood and combat the symptoms of fatigue, as well as Ashwagandha to support mental resilience.

    Promotes Healthy Bones, Muscles and Joints
    Contains Magnesium to support bones and muscles, as well as Turmeric to promote joint health.

    Supports your Immune System
    Contains antioxidants including Green Tea, Milk Thistle and Turmeric to provide essential immune support as the body transitions through the menopause.

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