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  • Essential for your child’s growth and development, our natural food-grown Vitamin D supports healthy bones, strengthens the immune system and supports healthy sleep.



    • Vitamin D3 in the form of highly bioavailable 1-25 ‘active’ D3 

    Child's Food-Grown Vitamin D

    SKU: 30000302

    Your Child’s Recommended Daily Dose
    Provides the officially recommended 10ug (400iu) daily intake of Vitamin D for your child.

    Optimises Immunity
    Strengthens and protects your child’s immune system, playing a vital role in their body’s resilience against infection and promoting year-round immune stability.

    Supports Sleep Cycles & Mood
    Research shows low levels of Vitamin D are linked to disturbed sleep and low mood in both children and adults, and supplementation is therefore required during the darker months.

    Promotes Healthy Bones, Teeth & Muscles
    Increases your child’s calcium absorption to provide essential support for healthy bones and teeth, as well as muscle function.

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