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  • For you and baby, our comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals supports you through all trimesters of your pregnancy. Formulated to help ease nausea, restore energy, balance hormones and healthy development for your baby. We recommend you keep using our Food-Grown Pregnancy until your baby is at least 12 weeks old.



    • 400ug of Folic Acid in the form of naturally methylated Folate
    • Iodine and Selenium for healthy thyroid and hormones
    • Magnesium, calcium and 10ug of Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth
    • Iron for healthy haemoglobin (blood oxygen) and energy
    • Zinc and Selenium for healthy immunity


    Food-Grown Pregnancy

    SKU: 30000304

    Your Recommended Daily Dose
    Provides your recommended daily dose of essential vitamins & minerals needed throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, as advised by the UK Department of Health.

    Avoid Common Pregnancy Symptoms
    Includes Vitamin B6 to balance hormones and support symptoms of nausea, and Chromium to manage blood sugar fluctuations.

    Healthy Foetal Development
    Contributes to healthy foetal brain, eye and cognitive development.

    Reduces Fatigue
    Restores energy levels and combats fatigue with energising B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Magnesium.

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