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  • Created to support symptoms of PMS, our Premenstrual Complex specifically targets hormone production, helping to relieve mood fluctuations, optimise energy and support a more stable menstrual cycle.

    Food-Grown Premenstrual Complex


    Balances your Hormones

    Contains Zinc and Vitamin B6 to support hormonal fluctuations that can cause spots or greasy skin, breast tenderness, bloating, cravings, temperature changes and painful menstruation.

    Stabilises your cycle

    Contains Vitamin B6 for hormone and cycle stability, as well as Zinc for a healthy thyroid and ovulation, supporting general cycle equilibrium for both long and short cycles.

    Supports your Mood

    Supports common PMS mood fluctuations, including low mood, anger, irritation, teariness, sensitivity, cravings, anxiety or poor focus and concentration.

    Optimises Energy

    Promotes consistent energy to combat symptoms of fatigue commonly experienced before and during your period.

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