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  • A full spectrum of nutrients to support your teenage boy’s growth and development. Specifically formulated for strong bones, brain health and hormone balance.



    • Zinc for immunity and testosterone production
    • B Vitamins for energy and fatigue reduction
    • Calcium and Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth
    • Magnesium to calm nerves and promote sleep
    • Vitamin B6 for hormone balance and mood
    • Chromium for healthy blood sugar
    • Iodine for healthy growth and development
    • Iron for healthy blood oxygen and cognition

    Teen Boy Food-Grown Daily Multi Nutrient

    SKU: 3000065

    Promotes Healthy Bones & Teeth
    Contains Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium to support growing bones and strong teeth. This is especially key for teens who have experienced a growth spurt.

    Supports a Healthy Mood & Brain Development
    Contains B Vitamins and Magnesium to support a healthy mood, brain and cognitive development, optimising your teen’s concentration, learning and memory.

    Promotes Energy & Recovery from Fatigue
    Provides essential energy to support the rapid growth and development of teens during this highly demanding life stage.

    Supports Fluctuating Hormones
    Contains Vitamin B6 and Zinc to support hormones for healthy hormone development, mood and skin.

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