What to expect during your treatment...


Covering every aspect of your health, lifestyle and symptoms.  

Two patients may present the same illness, but people are different and Traditional Acupuncture understands that different people require different treatments.

Take your Pulse

Chinese Medicine, we listen to your body through your pulses.  There are three positions on each wrist.

Look at your Tongue

Have a look at your friends and families tongues, if they allow you to do so.  you will notice how different they are and how much they are telling us.  


Your tongue is like a map of your body, I will be looking at the colour, any cracks, teeth marks, does it quiver and the coating.     

Fine Sterile Single use Needles

'I don't like needles'  I hear you say. ..Not to worry...nor do I. 

Acupuncture needles are very different to injection needles, not large and hollow but as fine as your hair.  Gently parting the skin.


After gathering all your information from your consultation, pulse and tongue diagonsis.  I may use Moxa which comes in different forms either on the needles or it looks like a cigar stick  that is held over the point and gentle warms.   ​​


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Derma Roller

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Ear Seeds

At the end of your treatment I may ask if you'd be happy to have ear seeds to continue your treatment.  They're tiny little magnets and you will forget they're even there.

Allana Vibert 


BSc (Hons) & Lic Ac 

“We spend our health building our wealth, then we desperately spend our wealth to hang onto our health”  Robert T Kiyosaki