Boost your

Health & Well-being

Looking after you...

At Home or at the Office 


Drug free, minimal side effects and covered by most Healthcare providers.  


Feel the benefits for yourself.

Bespoke Acupuncture treatment combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Elements (5E) Acupuncture.

Cupping Massage

Cupping is part of Chinese Medicine and one of the tools we have to help reduce muscular tension and pain.  If you're not sure about needles, this is great for you.  

It is beneficial for:

  • Acute or Chronic back pain

  • Shoulder tension and stiffness

  • Clearing trauma from an old injury

  • Asthma 

  • Hayfever

  • Common cold, helping to prevent the cold going deeper into your body.  

Corporate Acupressure Chair Massage

Boost you business....Look after your greatest asset, having healthy, energised and motivated employees.  


Can you afford not to?

Across the world Companies are taking better care of their employees and seeing the benefits of On-Site chair massage.  Fits into any busy schedule, strengthening coping responses and reducing stress reactions.


Anything that enables your employees to be less stressed and feeling great is good for your company.

Boost Chair Massage is;

  • A great approach to health and wellbeing

  • A wonderful benefit to offer and support with little or no investment

  • Benefiting both employee and employer

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Corporate Massage 

“Boost has provided us with a superb massage service for over a year which is both professional and very relaxing.  Allana is engaging, exceptionally user friendly and tailors the massage to suit the needs of the individual member of staff. All staff have benefited greatly and the only problem now is making sure everyone gets a turn! 

The feedback from staff is extremely positive. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Boost to others.” 

“15mins of total relaxation and calm during a very busy day is an absolute gem, it also energises and motivates me for the rest of the week – truly valued”

“Allana has always conducted herself in a professional and caring manner and has a clear understanding of the needs of her clients.  The weekly massage has had a positive impact on staff promoting a calmer working environment which in turn has improved productivity.”