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  • Women aged 45+ experience natural changes in their hormones and menstrual cycle, our formula is designed to provide the additional support needed; from mood and energy to immunity, joints and bones.


    Pantothenic Acid for mental performance
    Vitamin B12 for energy and fatigue reduction
    Iodine and Selenium for a healthy thyroid
    Vitamin C and Zinc for healthy immunity
    Choline for liver support
    Vitamin B6 for hormone balance
    Turmeric for healthy joints
    Cordyceps for life’s challenges

    Women's 45+ Food-Grown Daily Multi Nutrient

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    Optimises Mood & Hormone Health
    Contains Vitamin B6 and Zinc for hormone and mood support during natural hormone fluctuations.

    Promotes a Healthy Weight, Appetite & Metabolism
    Contains Chromium for a healthy weight and blood sugar, as well as Iodine and Selenium for a healthy thyroid – which plays a role in energy, weight and female hormone balance.

    Promotes Healthy Bones & Teeth
    Contains Vitamin D, Zinc, Boron, Calcium and Magnesium to support strong teeth and bone density.

    Safeguards the Immune System
    Provides vital immune support and antioxidant protection, which is often required over the age of 45 due to hormone fluctuations.

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